Friday, August 29, 2014

It's Labor Day Weekend! 25% OFF ALL WHITES!

Well, well... It's Labor Day Weekend... 

Labor Day: Always the first day in September to celebrate social and economic achievements of workers in the USA. 

For many, it is a day of R&R, grilling on the barbecue, hitting the beach or even shopping. For some (I'm not admitting to it!), it's the deadline for wearing whites!

I have to admit, when I first moved to Florida from NYC, it was a "NO, NEVER" in my book. And then one day, one of my fashion savvy stylist friends schooled me on why it is OK to wear white after the big no-no day; especially while living in Florida. 
The truth is, I love white. I have hard a hard time keeping my whites looking crisp and stain-free being the mother of a toddler and all. But I do venture into wearing white whenever possible. Yes, even in the "winter", I wear white. I love brightening up a lovely burgundy winter top with a pair of white jeggings and boots or white skinny jeans and wedges. 
White tops... I can go on and one about my love for white tops! A white James Perse button down shirt or white tee shirt paired with dark denim and a long necklace or with my favorite Genetic Denim Shane shredded jeans is my safety net.

What will you being doing this weekend? 
Will you wear white after Labor Day?

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